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We provide activities, experiences and mentorship through the arts and cultural
experiences to children, youth and young adults to explore and improve their talents
and goals, as they strive to become productive citizens.

The ENA Foundation Inc. was established in April 2014, in honor of a woman who lived her entire life volunteering with children and youth. The name ENA, “The tagline for the foundation: “Enhancing, Nurturing, Assisting”. Ena was a midwife and nurse in her professional life; with limited financial resources she was not able to support the children and youth with whom she volunteered, however she was always seeking and finding resources to assist them in whatever their endeavor. This Foundations goal is to continue the diligent work of Ena through its dedicated service through its board of directors and philanthropic partners. The Arts and Cultural experiences of the world is a universal language that all children and youth should experience as they develop our next generation with their gifts and talents.

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